Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Kool Kaleidoscope - Ricky Tims

I started a class on Saturday - Kool Kaleidoscope by Ricky Tims.

1st strata
This is my first strata. (strip set)

2nd strata  

This is my 2nd strata. (strip set)

The pattern calls for 10 strip sets - two of each.  I have 3 done.  Next class is not until July so I have lots of time and am thankful for that.

This class is lots of fun and a bit of a challenge.  Hope my colour scheme works out in the end.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Lets Eat Cake

Best Birthday Cake Ever
My birthday was yesterday so my son and his girlfriend made me this cake with a beautiful quilt on the top.  As you can see I am a cat person so they had to put cats around it.  Best birthday cake ever.

Besides the cake, they cooked a wonderful meal and I got a gift card from my favourite quilt shop.

Life is good no make that great.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all.

UFO Finish

Mystery Quilt - 2014
This is the front of the 2014 xmas mystery quilt I did over 4 days.  I posted a picture with the blocks not sewn just up on my design wall back in January.  It is now quilted and ready to be used.

This is the back.  I didn't have enough of the one fabric so I used some of the left over strips used in the front.  Wish I had a better picture of the quilting.  Quilting was done by my friend Gwen and it was done using  King Tut # 994 variegated quilting thread.  The variegated thread shows up so well on the dark back.